YuMei Hot Pot Bean Noodle Wide - 265g


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YuMei Hot Pot Bean Noodle Wide is a 265g bag of quality, high-protein noodles made with mung beans, wheat flour, and corn starch. Enjoy a delicious, healthy meal with a combination of traditional flavor and modern texture. Perfect for adding to your favorite hot pot or soup!



Sweet Potato Starch 41.81%, Tapioca Starch 32.10%, Water 19.70%,Salt 5.34%,Acid E330
Chili Sauce Bag: Soybean Oil 39.17%,Sesame Oil 21.50%, Chili 16.10%, Black Bean Sauce 8.51%, Sesame 4.90%,Pepper 4.10%, Ginger 3.02%, Scallion 1.50%, Spices 1.20%;
Seasoning Powder: Salt 36.23%,Glucose31.20%, Soybean 17.40%, Sugar 7.75%, Pepper Powder 6.40%, Flavour enhancer E621, Tofu(Soybean) Skin 30.00%, Cabbage 30.00%, Carrot 25.00%, Sesame 10.00%, Scallion 5.00% 

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