How can you earn and spend points?

You will find the floating Rewards Button on the left bottom of your screen.

Once you click on it, it will prompt you to join the program to become a member or to login to your profile to see your rewards history.

Create an account if you already do not have one on the website, all registered users are already automatically registered to rewards program and have received the bonus points. 

I/ How to earn points

You can earn points by sign up or purchase action. Please ensure you are logged in to get purchase points.

  • Sign Up: 200 points
  • Place Order: Earn 1 point for every CHF 1 spent
  • Birthday Reward: 250 Points
  • Sign up Newsletter: 100 points


II/ How to redeem points

How to redeem point tab will present you the option to redeem points. Click on it and you will receive the discount coupon : Fr 2.50 / 100 points and your points balance will get updated automatically.

  • Step 1: Please make sure that you already joined the program by signing into your account

  • Step 2: Click Reward float button > How to redeem

  • Step 3: Select the reward program > click on Redeem button

  • Step 4: Right after step #3, the coupon code will be shown. Please click on Apply coupon now to use that within the upcoming order. Coupon code will be saved at Reward list.

III/ Point history

You can view your activities and changes in their points via Point history tab. This will show you how many points you have been earned, redeemed, and any balance.