YuMei Grilled Wide Noodle - 380g


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Chongqing-style noodle made with sweet potato. They’re perfect for grilling and have a unique texture and flavour. You can enjoy them with various toppings and sauces.


  • Noodles Pack: Sweet Potato Starch, water, Tapioca Starch Fern root powder, Vegetable oil, Salt, Citric acid, less than 2% of Sodium de hydro acetate.
  • Pickled Turnip Pack: Turnip, Vegetable oil, sugar, salt, chilli, yeast extract, spices, less than 2% Monosodium glutamate, disodium 5- ribonucleotide, xanthan gum, gluconic acid, vitamin C, guar gum, papain, lactic acid, D-sodium Erythorbate, potassium sorbate.
  • Seasoning powder: Chilli powder, sesame, peanut powder, soybean powder, cumin powder, sugar, pepper, less than 2% monosodium glutamate

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