Wanton Wrapper - 90 mm - 250g

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Our premium Won ton wrappers come in a handy 300 g pack and will elevate your gourmet treats. Choosing our wonton dough means selecting a product that will give your recipes real flavours and textures. Both home cooks and chefs will find these wonton sheets very helpful in creating wontons of restaurant calibre right in their kitchens.

The finest ingredients for our won ton wrappers give them an easy-to-work-with, smooth, flexible texture. With its clean 90 mm cut, each wrapper is the perfect size for a range of fillings. These wonton sheets will hold your ingredients and cook them to perfection, whether you're making sweet dessert wontons, creative vegetarian dumplings or classic pork and shrimp wontons.

Our wonton dough offers more than a versatile ingredient—it opens up a world of culinary options. These won ton wrappers let you try various cooking techniques and tastes because they work well for steaming, boiling, and frying. Our wonton sheets provide a gastronomic blank canvas for everything from traditional wonton soups to crispy fried appetisers.

Won ton wrappers abound in each 300 g bag, enabling you to try different dishes and impress your loved ones. Buy wonton dough now and see how easy it is to create mouthwatering, handcrafted wontons that rival your favourite restaurant fare. Every meal becomes an opportunity to demonstrate your culinary prowess and satiate your palate when you use our premium won tonne wrappers. Savour our wonton sheets' authentic flavour and feel and take your cooking adventures to the next level. Buy wonton dough to make the perfect Chinese dumplings at home.

Ingredients list:
 Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Egg Powder, Potassium

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