Popping Candy Choco Sticks - 54 g


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Popping Candy Choco Sticks! This 54g treat combines the indulgence of chocolate with the fun of popping candy, all wrapped up in a delicious biscuit stick. Perfect for a fun and tasty snack anytime. Sunyoung Popping Candy Choco Stick is a delightful combination of rich chocolate and tantalizing popping candy that will take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure.


Product of Korea.



Sugar 30%, wheat flour, vegetable oil (whole hydrogenated palm oil), starch syrup, sweet whey powder, lactose, cocoa powder 4%, shortening (palm oil), corn starch, corn grits, vegetable cream (MILK), glucose, raising agents: E503, E500, refined whey salt, emulsifier: E322 (SOYA), vanilla flavouring.

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