Instant Rice Noodles Pho Chicken - 65 g

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Mama Instant Rice Vermicelli Pho Bo has a pho bo flavor, a Vietnamese beef soup with ginger and lime. This rice vermicelli contains beef flavor and tastes deliciously spicy. Just add hot water to your pho bo rice vermicelli, add the spice mix, and enjoy the delicious taste of your soup after 3-4 minutes. Easy into a cup, making it ideal for traveling Instant Rice Noodles Pho Chicken 

Reisnudel Bowl Pho Huhn


 Rice Flour 72%, Salt, Modified Tapioca Starch, Sugar, flavour enhancer: e621, e635, soybean oil, onion, palm oil, shallot, wheat (contains gluten), chicken flavour seasoning 3%, soybeans, salt, sugar, tapioca starch, wheat, flavouring), dried leek, soy sauce powder (soya extract, water, salt, wheat (contains gluten), dried carrot, eryngo powder, fish sauce (fish extract, water, salt)), pepper powder, flavouring, colour: turmeric

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