Instant Fried Rice Curried Shrimp - 80 g


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Instant Fried Rice with Thai Jasmine Rice. Curried Shrimp flavour. Just Add Boiling Water. Ready in 7 minutes.Handi Rice Curried Shrimp is a great, quick meal. Ideal for lunch! Simply open the pack, add the seasonings and then add boiling water up to the level marked. Seal the pack and wait for a few minutes. That’s it – ready to eat!



Dehydrated Jasmine Rice (76%), Dried Carrot (5.4%), Palm Oil (5%), Sugar (3.6%), Dried Shrimp (3.2%), Salt (3%), Garlic (1.4%), Monosodium Glutamate(E621) (0.8%), Dried Leek (0.5%), Curry Powder (0.4%), Shrimp powder (0.30%), Coconut Cream Powder (0.2%), Chilli Powder (0.06%), Disodium 5’-Ribonucleotides(E635) (0.06%), Turmeric Powder (0.04%), Curry Flavour (0.04%). 

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