Gyoza Dumplings Chicken & Vegetable - 600 g


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Gyoza dumpling filled with chicken and vegetables. Gyoza, mandu the korean mandu are similar to the Japanese gyoza because in terms of dough something thinner and narrower. As a result they are smaller and eventually become crisper. In addition the filling is often more refined. Chicken & vegetable mandu dumpling is deliciously filled with vegetables and chicken meat.

Product of : South Korea



Cabbage 27%, pork meat and fat 22%, wheat flour, water, onion 7%, spring onion 2%, soy sauce 2% (water, soybeanwheat, salt) garlic 2%, tofu [soybean, water, firming agent (magnesium chloride)], tapioca starch, yeast extract, textured soybean protein, wheat gluten, salt, sugar, spices, sesame oil, rapeseed oil.

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