Asahi Super Dry Beer 'Japanese' - 330 ml

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Asahi Super Dry Bier Japanisch 330 ml, Offering crisp, light refreshment with its distinctively dry and naturally sweetened flavour, enjoy a fresher taste of Asahi's bestselling Super Dry pale lager with this bottled beer. Easy to drink with its fizzing smoothness and quenching aftertaste, Asahi has refined a thoroughly satisfying taste that doesn't require the complex depth and bitterness of heavier ales and lagers. Brewed with high quality barley, maize hops and of course Japan's finest rice grains, this beer expertly cultivates an umami richness with Asahi's own yeast and seals it superbly into an amber, everyday beer that suit all meals, snacks and occasions.



Water, BARLEY malt, Corn starch, Maize, Hops, Rice.

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